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This post is dedicated to Carl Deitz. Rest in peace.

Veterans matter for a multitude of reasons, their significance extending beyond their military service. Firstly, veterans have made personal sacrifices, dedicating a portion of their lives to defend and uphold the values of their nation. Their commitment, often involving separation from families and exposure to challenging circumstances, deserves acknowledgment and gratitude.

Beyond individual sacrifice, veterans contribute to the strength and resilience of communities. The skills acquired during military service, such as discipline, leadership, and teamwork, often translate into valuable assets for civilian life. Veterans bring a unique perspective to various sectors, enriching workplaces and society with their diverse experiences and a strong work ethic.

Moreover, recognizing and supporting veterans is crucial for fostering a sense of national unity and gratitude. By honoring their service, we reinforce the importance of duty, service, and the shared responsibility of safeguarding the freedoms we enjoy. In essence, veterans matter not only for their past contributions but for the positive impact they continue to make as they reintegrate into civilian life, embodying qualities that enhance the fabric of society.