Antisemitism in DC

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Americans March for Israel Rally in DC.

I moved to DC last year around fall time. The city is vibrant with such a diverse community. Seeing people of different backgrounds live together is awe inspiring. Things started to change when Israel was attacked by Hamas.

The city became polarized. When I walk on the street, the vibe is different. Signs of anti Jews is plagued throughout the city. DC had a pro Palestine protest which escalated into something dark. People spray painted “death to Israel,” on Federal buildings. Statues were draped with pro Palestine slogans. Some statues had been defaced with the words “free Palestine.” The darkness overtook the city.

When I attended the pro Israel March at the Capitol, it was peaceful. People peacefully protested without defacing any monuments. They spoke peacefully without harming anyone, including counter protesters. People showed pictures of the hostages who have been taken by Hamas. Towards the end of the protest, counter protesters chanted anti Jewish slogans. A group of Jews came together to sing Jewish songs and prayers. To see Jews fight against hate with songs, sends a powerful message. The Israel protest was inspiring to so many people including myself. Jews coming together to demand that the hostages be freed, with the spirit of peace is beautiful. Pray for Israel!

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Americans March for Israel Rally