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Butterfly Effect

A high series of criminal indices strikes our communities, regardless of the country we find ourselves in. Our society has reached a point where values and respect among us are gradually crumbling, giving way to the counteroffensive of selfishness in defense to protect our integrity. We forget and set aside love for our fellow human beings.

Many factors influence the behavior of our community and each individual. It’s easy to judge and compare others instead of evaluating ourselves, accepting our mistakes, and confronting our actions.

We live blindly without understanding the true reasons behind everything, the reasons for the bad decisions of others that consciously or unconsciously affect all of us who are part of that community.

We all seek to protect the safety of our loved ones and ourselves, our interests. It’s a survival game where we all seek to adapt to our environment, choosing positive and negative attitudes to maintain balance and ensure our survival (a better life).

We are all contributors to the collapse of our society. We need to raise awareness, see beyond, understand, forgive, love, and above all, respect the right to free will that we all have as human beings, but without intentions of harming those around us and assuming the responsibility and consequences of our actions.

Butterfly effect.

Every action, whether good or bad, carries a reaction according to the nature of that action.”

Article produced by Mario C. Writer for Integrity First Committee.